What is a “House Show”?

In a word? Magical. But we will get to that in a minute…

A House Show is basically an event that you will hold at your house. You’ll find the artist you’d like to perform, contact them, agree to dates you’d like to have them perform and then you’ll invite friends, family, fans to come hear them perform their craft.

Typically the artist will bring Merchandise to sell at the House Show and you’ll collect money at the “door” or…if you’re like us…you’ll beg people to dig deep and buy lots of loot so that the musicians can continue their tour and paying rent on time, etc.

The evening is usually filled with amazing musicianship, snacks, food, libations and lots and lots of laughter. There is something magical and special about a House Show. Each one has it’s own personality. You become more personally invested in the artists because you get to know them on a more intimate level. It’s cozy. Sometimes, when the mood is just right, and the guests are really into it – you can feel an electricity in the air. You’ll hear stories about how certain songs came to be. You’ll be moved by the music – more times that I’d like to admit, I’ve been moved to tears And you know what? It’s perfectly fine, because when you start hearing everyone sniffle or do that shoulder shrug that doubles and a cheek dryer, you’ll know you’re not alone. Like I said before…it’s magical. Music has a way of penetrating your soul.

Emma Hill and Bryan Daste performing at a House Show.
Emma Hill and Bryan Daste performing at a House Show.

The intent of this blog is to share creative ideas on how to have a successful House Show and how to take the nervousness out of throwing an event like this. Yes, there are some musicians that will ask for thousands of dollars to do a house show – while others – you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out, just want to share their gift with the world, and won’t set a minimum, We have been pleasantly surprised at the generosity of our friends and we have supported many artists this way and will continue to for many years. I hope that in some way, this blog will inspire others to ask questions, and take a leap. If you have questions, I’d love to start discussions in the comments. As this blog continues, your participation and involvement will be important to me as you’ll be helping to create content with your questions and interest.

Let’s change the world with music.


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