That fella singing in the coffee shop…

You’re walking down the street in your little metropolitan semi-large city and happen upon one of those little quirky coffee shops. You think to yourself, “Hey…it’s been 12 minutes since my last cup of overpriced coffee, I better stop in and get a cup to go!”  

Only…when you walk in, you see a fella standing on a tiny stage in the corner, playing his acoustic guitar, melodies flowing out of his mouth like a gentle whisper. I bet he’s even wearing a plaid shirt and has a roll or two on the cuffs of his jeans, am I right? Yeah…that’s what I thought. 

You see that fella up there? The one pouring his heart out to whoever will listen? Do you have any idea how much time has been spent writing the lyrics and music to those original songs you are lucky to be listening to? Do you have any idea how much it costs for studio time, let alone the pressing of an album or CD? That fella wants – nay – neeeeeds to make music…not because he wants to be a millionaire…but because he has this music inside that just has to get out and has to be heard by others and if he’s fortunate enough to make a connection with someone and have his music mean something to someone, he knows he will have accomplished something. 

Do you know what this fella is getting paid by the coffee shop? He’s probably getting a free coffee and a stale scone. That’s why when he points to the tip jar and let’s you know he’s got CD’s for sale for $5, you should give him $20 for that CD. Do you know why you should give him $20 for that CD? Because he deserves it. 

Then you think to yourself, “Hey, I bet Joe and Chrissy and Molly and Christopher and Uncle Tim and Cousin Dan would totally dig this dude.” So you ask him if he has ever done a House Concert. He says yes…

And that, my friends, is how you book a house show. You ask someone you dig, that you think other people will dig, too. 

Stay tuned for my own First House Show story…it’s a good one.

Music is life. Live it. Love it. Share it with the world.